Gun Builder

Gun Builder 1.7.2

Make your own iPhone gun


  • Completely customize your own guns
  • Easy to use


  • Only stores four guns at a time
  • Feeble shooting mode

Not bad

Gun Builder allows you to create customized weapons then fire them on your iPhone.

You can assemble guns from scratch, customizing them in Gun Builder by adding accessories, changing colors and even engraving your name on them. You then get a chance to see the gun in action, firing it and using any accessories that you've added.

You can choose from four different types of arms in Gun Builder: pistol, machine gun, rifle and shotgun. Once you've selected one, you can start changing the finish, adding parts, and sticking on attachments. You can add all manner of objects such as receivers, buttstocks, sights, handguards, flashlights, suppressors, etc. However, there isn't a lot of choice within each of these types of attachments, so gun enthusiasts might feel a bit hard done by.

All changes that you make in Gun Builder are displayed on the preview and once you're happy with your gun you can save it to your gun rack. Unfortunately, the gun rack can only hold a maximum of four weapons at a time (one of each type of gun).

Head to the shooting range and you'll be able to see how your gun performs. Unfortunately, this section of Gun Builder isn't that great. Sure you get to hear what your weapon sounds like and try out the different attachments but in a very boring, static way. It's basically just a case of tapping the screen to see it fire and shaking the screen to reload. I think Gun Builder would've been much more more fun if you could actually aim at something in a range, to make more of a game of it.

Customizing guns in Gun Builder is fun for a while, but the app has little lasting appeal.

Gun Builder


Gun Builder 1.7.2

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